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Established in 2000, Viet Uc Environment Joint Stock Company - Vinausen is a pioneer in the industry. With more than two decades of operation and development, Vinausen has accompanied Vietnam's environmental protection cause and become a trusted partner of many domestic businesses and public organizations, as well as the choice of goods. leaders of multinational corporations as they expand operations in Vietnam.

The rapid development of the manufacturing industry not only brings economic growth opportunities but also poses great environmental challenges, especially the issue of managing and treating industrial and hazardous waste. harm is increasing. Understanding this urgent need, Vinausen provides reputable and quality environmental services, in addition to effective and economical cost management for customers.

The name Vinausen is named after the nationality of the founding shareholders, reflecting a combination of international experience and a deep understanding of the local environment and culture. The company's three founding shareholders, including Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Chau, Mr. Hua Huu Ben from Vietnam, along with Mr. Patrick Brown from Australia, together laid the foundation for Vinausen's success today.

Typically, Vinausen has succeeded with the Agent Orange treatment project at Phu Cat airport and Da Nang airport; Cooperating with leading environmental corporations from the US - TetraTech and Canada - Cascade. The Vinausen team feels happy to contribute to a meaningful project, contributing to eliminating the pain of Agent Orange in Vietnam. Completing the project, Vinausen was honored to welcome the visit of the President of the US Senate, Mr. Patrick Leahy and many officials in the US government; The delegation came to express thanks and show goodwill to cooperate, build friendly relations with Vietnam, and erase the past between the two countries.

Besides modern technical equipment, human resources are also extremely important, Vinausen always focuses on recruiting and collaborating with leading scientists and engineers who are dedicated to the environment. In addition, Vinausen also cooperates in training with Wageningen University in the Netherlands, elite personnel are sent to train and update new knowledge and technology internationally. With a commitment to constantly improving service quality and investing in advanced technology, Vinausen is a secure choice for partners, thereby contributing to the creation of a strong, environmentally sustainable circular economy. clean and green living environment for Vietnam.