Pioneer in the environmental industry since 2000

The Ministry of Natural Resources awarded the Golden Cup for the cause of protecting Vietnam's environment


Established in 2000, Viet Uc Environment Joint Stock Company - Vinausen has always been a pioneer in the field of environment and circular economy in Vietnam. We provide reputable, quality environmental services, in addition to effective and economical cost management for customers. See more

Field of activity

Transportation & Waste Treatment

With a fleet of over 40 vehicles and specialized equipment, VINAUSEN meets the needs of transporting and treating waste in large quantities.

Destruction of goods and raw materials

Destruction of inventory, destruction of expired goods, raw materials, supplies, scrap, defective products, damaged machinery and equipment.

Recycle waste and scrap

Recycling is an environmentally friendly disposal method. VINAUSEN treats waste according to the 3R principle (Reduce-Reuse-Recycle).

Demolition of works and site cleanup

Old/fired buildings and factories that want to be demolished need to be carried out by a professional unit to ensure the safety of the works.

Buy and sell scrap and waste products

VINAUSEN specializes in purchasing scrap at competitive prices and quick payment. We also sell recycled products

Environmental consulting

With a team of experienced, enthusiastic and dynamic consulting staff, VINAUSEN provides consulting services for establishing a Source Owner.